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“I felt as a mum I wasn’t giving my children the best start I could and I wanted them to learn about food in the best way possible whilst keeping us all healthy and reducing the amount of illness in the household.


Debbie has continually helped me to look for alternative options, learn how easy it is to look after my family in the best way and reduce our illness and stress around mealtimes and cooking! Our wealth really is in our health and I’m super excited to continue to learn more from this incredible, knowledgeable woman!”


- Emma

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"Our wealth really is in our health."

“I met Debbie right after the birth of my first child. I was in over my head with the demands of breastfeeding and operating on just some basic knowledge of what living a healthy lifestyle meant. I came into her office looking for a quick and easy fix to my son’s latching issues - but I quickly realised through her questions and clinical advice she offered that day that she was more than just a chiropractor and had more to offer to me and not just my son. Over time, Debbie filled in a lot of gaps for me on what it meant to be 'healthy' with the science behind that word and how our body responds to what we do to it and put into it. It also became abundantly clear that she also cares a lot about and looks at the whole of the person in relation to health goals. She may have started as my son’s chiropractor, but she morphed into a wellness coach and friend.”


- Heather

“There’s been some really fussy moments and that’s when I’ve found advice from Debbie invaluable. Not only has she raised healthy children but I have watched her train so many other mums to make smart health decisions too.


I’ve also learnt that I function best when I’m well, so although my tendency is to put the kids, my husband and work all ahead of my needs, Deb’s taught me some great health shortcuts that keep me on my A-game and that way I know I’m being the best mum I can be!”


- Sian

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