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Eat fresh food, not industrialised products. Eat what nature provides in the form it is provided, organic wherever possible.



Eat some raw vegetables or fruit with EVERY MEAL. They contain wonderful digestive enzymes as well as a multitude of other wonderful nutrients all in the perfect combination. Fruit in the morning and vegetables in the afternoon and evening is a good plan.



Drink 2 litres of clean filtered water each day. Avoid plastic bottles. Do not drink water with your meal. This habit comes from eating processed foods that have no water content in them and not chewing your food properly. Take small bites and chew to a pulp before swallowing. (there are no teeth in your stomach!)



Slow cook your lean, grass fed meat and cook it thoroughly.



Eat at home or pack homemade lunches etc. Pre-plan, if you end up without a planned meal you’ll grab something on the run and chances are that won’t be healthy.



Get the right tools of the healthy eating trade. Get a slow cooker, a vegetable steamer, a juicer, a blender and some quality storage containers (preferably glass). Use stainless steel pots and pans not non-stick. If you are frying something use organic heat tolerant oil for non-stick effect (sesame oil, almond oil) or some organic raw butter or coconut oil.



Fasting if a proven way to improve your health, try and create a 12 hour window where no food goes into your system. This allows the body to fully digest meals and balance body systems, especially blood sugar levels.



Don’t ever shop hungry! The nutritional decisions that govern your health are made at the shops. If the “bad foods” come home they’ll get eaten. If they don’t come home they can’t get eaten and you will be healthier. Take pride in going to the cashier with a trolley full of healthy foods for you and your family and take the opportunity to be an inspiration and leader for others.



Don’t judge your dietary choices based on food guides, your neighbours food, your parents food, your work mates food. Evaluate your choices on what you know your cells need to be healthy.



Never feel guilty about a food choice. Guilt will NEVER serve you well. Evaluate your food choices honestly but without personal character judgement. Always just look forward to your next meal as a chance to improve your eating habits and your health.


additional tips...

Exercise daily, walking briskly for 30 minutes each day has huge benefits for our wellbeing.


Take time to meditate each day, just 10 minutes of mindfulness can be very impactful on decreasing your stress levels.


Have a night-time routine that avoids all screens for at least 30 minutes before bed. Ensure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Create the opportunity for 6-8 hours restful sleep every night.


Laugh every day!

a quick summary of food rules...

• Eat some raw vegetable or fruit before every meal

• Try and eat 5 meals a day, make breakfast and lunch your biggest meals

• Chew your food thoroughly

• Take Omega 3 (high quality molecularly distilled) and a probiotic daily (avoid yoghurt drink probiotics)

• Drink some fresh juiced vegetables from your own juicer every day.

A vegan protein based smoothie is an amazing breakfast packed with nutrients

• Eat only grass fed, free range, hormone free meats

• Make your own salad dressings

• Limiting beverages other than water to just 1x day

• No dairy

• No artificial sweeteners

• No added salt

• No trans fats or hydrogenated fats
Limit grains to one small serving per day if that is tolerated

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