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Fern Plant

why you need this

For some, a private consultation is the best route. It offers personal guidance, support and a completely tailored programme.


To assess if this is the best option for you please submit the Health Information form below. I will give you a FREE assessment and suggest the best plan for you based on this. 

I'll aim to get back to you within 48 hours of form submission.

Many people can enter straight onto health plans, yet there are some conditions that require a little more management and those are the ones that benefit most from private consultation appointments.



  • 2 hour assessment of all aspects of your health - this can be done online or in person

  • A detailed explanation of the health plan to be followed

  • 4 weeks of constant guided support - available by email and phone 

  • Menu, recipes and shopping lists if appropriate


COST - £180

Additional cost of supplements and nutrition products as necessary. Costs and suppliers vary.

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