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breakfast club

I’m a great believer in making things simple, I’m also passionate about great health. I know that if we flood the body with highly nutritious, easy to absorb food then it will benefit us.
It takes a particular drive and mindset to start to eliminate toxic things from our lives, because let’s face it a lot of what is bad for us tastes great! But adding things in is easy and the results dramatic.

We have many body systems designed to help us get rid of toxins - our kidneys, our liver, our lungs and our skin all play part. When they work well and are not overwhelmed with a toxic load they are more than capable of keeping our internal bodies clean and functioning well.

The breakfast club is all about starting each day with a nutritious shake packed with vitamins and minerals, vegan protein as well as healthy fats and enzymes. 
This allows the body to start each day with level blood sugars -no spikes, 
provides a slow release energy in the form of protein, 
provides the building blocks for growth and repair by supplying all the amino acids, 
alkalises the body 

and all this arrives in a tasty, simple to prepare, easy to digest shake, pancake or mousse.

When you start the day this way you are less likely to reach for sugar fixes and stimulants such as coffee and biscuits. You will stay more alert and productive with high energy and feel full much longer than you would on carb based foods.
The rest of the day is yours to eat and drink as you would like, however I would encourage you to stay hydrated and make smart health choices throughout your day.


For a few taster recipes click below 


To get the supplements needed and over 30 tasty shake recipes to support you on the breakfast club please submit the form and I will get back in touch with you.

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