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Helen, 48

What a revelation! Not only is Debbie a fabulous chiropractor - she has written the most amazing book to compliment her work. She speaks from the heart about how we, as a society plagued by sickness, can turn our lives around by following a healthy lifestyle. And it’s easier than it sounds - rewind the clock and go back to basics when choosing what to eat or drink. It makes absolute sense and the advice comes from an expert who’s spent many years practising what she preaches.

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Nigel, 59

I've known Debbie on a personal level for many years and she noticed I was a man of some pretty unhealthy habits like smoking, chocolate eating and drinking! She released the complete lifestyle guides a few years back and that really got me thinking about making small changes. She guided me through the process, made it really simple, back to basics and I dread to think where my health would be now if I didn't have her to help me. Not only has it cut those bad habits but it's kept me going through the work stress I deal with on a daily basis. I am now really keen to read this book. Everything she knows in one place, how great is that! 

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Name, Title

Thank you so much for the knowledge in this amazing book Debbie! It's made me feel completely different about how I eat and makes so much sense. This would totally revolutionise the health of the masses if this was the way we were geared to think and treat our bodies. Our healthcare systems would have the pressure taken off too! How much more obvious is it to focus on creating and maintaining health rather than treating disease! 

Naomi, 34

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